MOVE (exercise fitness)

Move faster, jump higher and have the energy you want. It's your body so let's make it a great one!

With guzzFit you can have;

  • definition, toning and strength,
  • a slimmer waistline or six pack,
  • build muscles,
  • burn body fat,
  • sports specific developments,
  • functional movement,
  • greater confidence,
  • look good and feel fantastic.

guzzFit offers;

  • "FREE" Trial PT session to get to know one another,
  • cutting edge fitness training techniques,
  • tailored exercise and fitness programs,
  • motivation and methods to stay focused.


EAT (meal planning)

guzzFit brings your health and fitness goals to you faster with balanced food diary meals and nutrition plans.

Whilst we're together you can decide how much of your "FREE" Trial PT session we devote to discussing meal planning and nutrition. Understanding the way your body responds to eating a balanced meal is important.

The guzzFit BALANCED MEAL pictogram above provides a visual image of a balanced meal. On the EAT page Green Chart “PROTEINS” are categorised separately to “STAPLE FOODS” and “HIGH CARBOHYDRATE FOODS”.

  • planning your meals in advance and recording them,
  • writing out a grocery list to stay on track,
  • and having a guilt free day once a week to avoid food cravings,

will all help you achieve another 6 days of discipline!

REST (fix body pain)

If you feel physical pain during your guzzFit "FREE" Trial PT session it's usually quite easy to establish what's causing it and how to take it away.

Smart rest and recovery efforts will provide benefits to your lifestyle and expedite specific fitness goals.

Once pain free, things like;

  • play time,
  • productivity,
  • mental focus,
  • energy levels,
  • recreational pursuits,
  • lifestyle, functional fitness and sleeping patterns all improve.

guzzFit programs contain;

  • photographic demonstrations with written instructions,
  • video clips for each activity or movement,
  • sets, reps, tempo and rest,
  • completion days and meal timing.
Definition and Toning
Definition and Toning
Strengthen core
Strengthen core

​​It's your body so let's make it a great one!

After a guzzFit "FREE" Trial PT session you'll know exactly how to get the body you want!