Welcome to guzzFit

It’s your body so let’s make it a great one!

For over 13 years guzzFit have provided fitness training sessions to residents of Randwick, Coogee, Clovelly, Bronte and Waverley.

We offer:

  • a “FREE” Trial Personal Training Session (PT Session) so we hit the ground running!
  • Cutting edge fitness training techniques,
  • Tailored exercise and fitness programs,
  • Motivational methods so you can remain energised and focused.

A fantastic part of a “FREE” Trial PT session is building rapport till you feel at ease with influencing the structure of the free session.

  • For example you may like to have intermissions during your free trial personal training session to discuss meal planning and nutrition before resuming the fitness training again.

Understanding the way your body responds to eating a balanced meal is important in order to fast track achieving your fitness goals!

If you feel any physical pain during your guzzFit “FREE” Trial PT session we’ll immediately stop to remove that pain. It’s usually quite easy to establish what is causing a pain and how to take it away. We’ve studied to excel at using the skills and tools available to rectify and resolve the pains and difficulties experienced in performing fitness training exercises.

Move – Eat – Rest