guzzFit has been conducting fitness training sessions in Coogee, Randwick, Bronte, Queens Park and Waverley for over 10 years.

Our personal training, group fitness and boxing classes are scheduled and sequenced using a highly tailored approach, we do this to maximise training efficiency and effectiveness.

Our strategies always begin with a clear understanding of your current fitness level and the goals you’re seeking.

You will be stimulated by the variety of fitness training techniques we use and it’s also a simple task to provide you with the theory we’ve used to create the fitness training session you’re in.

Our qualifications and experiences allow us to excel at:

  • Weight Loss, Dieting & Nutrition
  • Muscle Building, Toning & Definition
  • Stretching and Flexibility Training
  • Core Strengthening & Development
  • Injury Rehab; esp Shoulder, Back & Knee
  • Boxing Techniques, Combinations & Fitness
  • Pre & Post Natal Fitness
  • Sports Specific Strength & Conditioning
  • Health & Fitness Coaching for Children

We’re competent at preventative as well as the post rehab phases of;

  • muscles,
  • tendons or
  • joint pain and injuries.

We like to excel at this area so constraints to fitness training are reduced and removed.

We can create progressive functional movement patterns for all circumstances including required sports;

  • adaptations,
  • improvements or
  • developments.

We put time and effort into scheduling progressions within each exercise sequence or activity so each fitness training session can take the biggest leap towards achieving your specific health and fitness goals.