Fitness programs for men and women – training and workouts planned around your life

Hooked on your personal training sessions and looking to supplement them further? Keen to be independent in the gym but need a little guidance on where to begin? guzzFit can tailor an individual fitness workout program, delivered …read more.

Professional Group and Personal Fitness Instructors in Sydney, Australia

People do all kinds of things to stay in shape. At least, that’s what they think. But how can you be sure that your routines are serving your best interests? Have you ever thought about checking in with a professional to make sure that you’re going in …read more.

Looking for a professional fitness trainer with the respectful personal touch and not the drill sergeant attitude?

The non-commercial setting guzzFit provides fosters the development of a personal and respectful relationship between trainer and client. Whether aiming to focus on strength and conditioning, cardio fitness or simply searching for more energy …read more.

Enjoy the Benefits of a Personal Trainer in Various Distinct Environments throughout Coogee, Kingsford, and Maroubra

A good personal trainer will be able to create an efficient and beneficial fitness strategy based on your weight, age, fitness level, goals and several other factors. A great personal trainer, though, will also be able to …read more.

Personal Trainer Available in Eastern Suburbs: Bondi, Queens Park and Tamarama

Getting in shape can be a difficult task, and most difficult tasks are even harder when you try to do them alone, and without any outside help to give encouragement. Imagine sweating on a treadmill or stationary bike as the minutes tick slowly by …read more.

Break Your Fitness Plateaus Over and Over Again, with the Help of Goal-Focused Personal Trainers in Coogee, Kingsford and Maroubra

The general goals that people have in their heads when they start new fitness programmes tend to be similar from one individual to the next. You want to lose weight; you want to get a slimmer figure; you want to take an active stance in …read more.

Make Fitness a Family Affair with guzzFit, a Family of Personal Trainers Serving Bondi, Queens Park, Tamarama and the Eastern Suburbs

At guzzFit, we believe that couples who train together and work towards fitness goals together stay together. We love working with couples because we have seen time and time again how this type of joint training can be incredibly …read more.

The Challenge of Getting Quality Personal Training in Coogee, Kingsford or Maroubra

Personal training sounds great if you’re looking for a no-nonsense way to whip yourself into shape this year. Why not hire someone to track your progress so that you can focus on doing the heavy lifting (pun intended)? But not every person who …read more.