Dynamic Mobilisation Pattern Charges Muscle Elasticity!

A Dynamic Mobilisation routine has been shown to have great benefits when done before a workout, it; Enhances movement function and performance Reduces the pain experienced after your workout Prepares your mind and body to coordinate compound movements before the loads are included The Dynamic Mobilisation Pattern Charges Muscle Elasticity to Make Exercise Performance Optimal! […]

Why Shirin decided to become a personal trainer

Before I became a personal trainer I went to the gym consistently yet didn’t achieve the results I expected! It wasn’t until I enlisted the help of a personal trainer that I finally got the physically, mentally and emotional results I required to feel content!  I was so blow away by what could be achieved with the […]

Why I became a Personal Trainer

Before I was a personal trainer I trained to become stronger and faster with defined muscles,I expected my body to improve every day therefore my expectations progressed faster than I could. When I was given the opportunity to study to become a personal trainer I reflected on my life till then and decided my experiences […]

Outdoor Leg Training Lunge Progression

Progress your Leg Strength in a “FREE” Trial Fitness Training session with Groundbreaking research shows that neurological health depends as much on signals sent by the body’s large, leg muscles to the brain as it does on directives from the brain to the muscles. Published in Frontiers in Neuroscience, the study fundamentally alters brain and nervous system medicine […]

Simplify Beach Fitness Training Sessions

At  we encourage sand free, quick dry, Rockycay towels, they simplify beach fitness training sessions typified by the pouch they slide into! What an amazing piece of tech science, lovely to look at, easy to carry, rock your world with a Rockycay towel!Our towels still feel as soft today as the first day we used them, […]

Artificial Sweeteners Cause Greater Weight Gain Than Sugar

Please contact us here at to receive a complete nutrition plan to achieve your fitness goals. A recent study found that artificial sweeteners (eg; saccharin and aspartame) cause greater weight gain than sugar, and that weight gain is more related to your hormone production than caloric intake! Research has repeatedly shown that artificial no- or […]

Shoulder Health Training Back Muscles

Amazing Results Training these Back Muscles for Shoulder Health and Wellbeing!The Active Muscles are the Rhomboids, Rear Delts, Middle and Lower Traps! Shoulder, Neck and Upper Spine Wellbeing is largely dependent on how well each shoulder blade sits against the ribcage!Making the Rhomboids together with the Middle and Lower Trap Muscles Active after Stretching your […]

Teach Sports Conditioning Deadlifts

The Perfect Method to Teach a “DEADLIFT” Fixes the negative effects of gravity! Conditions your mind and body for daily functional chores! Evens up the muscle definition down either side of your spine!  Straightens you out preventing back pain!- Fast tracks your health and fitness goals!  Puts more muscles to work than any other exercise! Facilitates […]

Pre-Workout Mobilisation

Pre-workout mobilisation requires dynamic stretches to obtain sufficient ranges of motion in order to hold good exercise form! A dynamic mobility sequence conducted before high intensity fitness training provides; Optimal muscle firing orders Body muscle symmetry forth and back, left and right Enhanced body muscle elasticity  Injury prevention Prepares the body for loads Increases physical spring […]

Functional Glute Exercises Target Specific Points

Functional Moves that Target Specific Points! Tones, Defines and Increases Muscle Strength!Achieve sports specific progress and improve functional movements! With: Cutting-edge training techniques  Shaping and body toning Metabolic gains Clear instructions Tailored exercise programmes Post rehab and injury prevention Motivation methods Measured results The Deadlift works more muscles than any other exercise. Have a “FREE” Trial […]