Shoulder Blade Pain Release to Move Freely Without Pain

Pain under a Shoulder Blade is very annoying, movement usually makes the pain worst, often after a good night sleep the pain is still there. The best method I know of to resolve pain in, or around a shoulder blade is by using a foam roller sequence of myofascial release. Release your body and move […]

Probiotic Gut Health So Your Fitness Regime Succeeds!

Top 10 Probiotic Killers; – Overuse of Prescription Antibiotics – Sugar – GMO foods – Inflammatory Gluten – Emotional Stress – Alcohol (except for red wine) – Lack of exercise – Over-sanitation – Smoking – Poor sleep habits Top 10 Probiotic Foods to Add to your Diet; – Kefir – Kombucha – Miso Soup – […]

Consume Live Foods To Become More Alive!

Consume Live Foods To Become More Alive! The EAT page is a great read “Born To Be Alive” Live Foods Energise Your Life, EAT close to the vine and the animal where enzymes invigorate you from inside to out!

Lat Pulldown Big Boom Exercise

The Lat Pull is the Big “BOOM” Exercise, it puts more muscle to work than most exercises which fast tracks fitness goals! The Latissimus Dorsi (Lats) is one of the largest muscles in the body, training it increases your metabolic rate, provides an aesthetic benefit to both males and females and remarkable functional capacity as […]

Skin Fold Measurements Hydrostatic Weighing

If the same person is doing the test each time and they’re experienced with using skin fold measurement callipers the results will be accurate. Calculations have been created to make skin fold measurements the same accuracy as hydrostatic weighing! Come and find out where you’re placed on the health scale during a “FREE” Trial PT session!

All Natural Meal Replacement

Get Sorted With 180nutrition To Make It All Happen Faster! Read  EAT and replace 1 or 2 meals a day with 180nutrition, grab 30serves for $60 from Coogee Fine Foods opposite Woolworths in the Coogee Bay Shopping Centre, Coogee Bay Rd Coogee NSW.

Muscle Fitness in 2mths

Let’s get together to get you on track during a friendly, unpretentious “FREE” Trial PT session with

Finding A Way To Get What Needs To Be Done Done!

Finding a way to get everything done you need to be happy and successful in your life is an exceptional quality, Fitness training can often be one of the more difficult tasks sequenced into some of the days of your week, offers a “FREE” Trial PT session to build rapport and set you on a […]