Drop The Weight You’re Carrying!

More Energy Each Day: A new study found that even if you’ve never worked out before, you still have the same ability as a world-class athlete to build muscle! A team at the University of Birmingham in the United Kingdom compared the ability of men to build muscle mass. They looked at two groups: People […]

Heart Beat Fitness

Age In Reverse: Exercise can improve your health to the point you look and feel younger than you are, says Frank Frisch, PhD, director of kinesiology, Chapman University Orange, Calif. Exercise Gives You More Vim and Vigour: A workout is like nature’s energy drink, firing up your brain and body so you feel more alert […]

Meal Balance in Winter

nutrition, food and meal planning.Sculpting your body into the shape you’re after isn’t as much about reducing how much you eat as it is about combining ingredients using a “Balanced” approach. Creating a balanced meal means including food with high nutrient levels along with others that require higher energy to metabolise. Simply put this synergises a fitness regime […]

Fitness is your Responsibility

The fitness you wake up with each morning is a measure of the effort you’ve gone to in the last 10weeks! Fitness is your responsibility! You’re able to make choices because you understand you’re responsible for those choices.  The most important part of taking responsibility for your life is acknowledging your life is your responsibility. No one can live your life for you. You are in charge. Being fit enough to rescue those you […]

Fit Threw Winter

1. Exercising is a phenomenal way to change your mood! There’s a form of seasonal depression linked to winter that can have an expanding negative impact upon your wellbeing.  Fitness training workouts release feel-good brain chemicals that lead to invigorating achievements, turning up is the only difficult bit, everything gets better after that, you’ll feel […]

Health Benefits Of Building Muscle

The health benefits of building more lean muscle far exceed achieving a desired body image. Statistically we begin losing lean muscle mass at the age of 25. By the age of 40 our lean muscle mass decreases by about 8% per decade until the age of 70 when it starts to decrease at 15% per […]

Stretch Centre Quad Before Hip Flexor

Stretching your Hip Flexor (Psoas) regularly is an important stretching effort to perform frequently.The more time we spend in a seated position the shorter our Hip Flexors are likely to become, short Hip Flexors cause the lower back to curve inward more than it should naturally which makes lower back pain more likely!Unfortunately you won’t […]

Fitness Motivation, Be Your Best At The Sharp End Of Every Week

Train on the days you’re likely to find an excuse not to. Motivation is key! Finding a reason to be at your best for a sport or activity once a week is a fantastic way to motivate frequency and regularity into your training regime! How do you motivate yourself into the next fitness training session in […]

Super Functional Exercise Movement Pattern

This Super Functional Exercise Movement Pattern; uses every muscle group in your body and relates directly to everything we need to do well!What most people get wrong is the direction required to make this exercise both functional and sports specific! Relating to the image; Step backwards with your right foot to begin each repetition from the lowest […]