Skin Fold Measurements Hydrostatic Weighing

If the same person is doing the test each time and they’re experienced with using skin fold measurement callipers the results will be accurate. Calculations have been created to make skin fold measurements the same accuracy as hydrostatic weighing! Come and find out where you’re placed on the health scale during a “FREE” Trial PT session!

All Natural Meal Replacement

Get Sorted With 180nutrition To Make It All Happen Faster! Read  EAT and replace 1 or 2 meals a day with 180nutrition, grab 30serves for $60 from Coogee Fine Foods opposite Woolworths in the Coogee Bay Shopping Centre, Coogee Bay Rd Coogee NSW.

Muscle Fitness in 2mths

Let’s get together to get you on track during a friendly, unpretentious “FREE” Trial PT session with

Finding A Way To Get What Needs To Be Done Done!

Finding a way to get everything done you need to be happy and successful in your life is an exceptional quality, Fitness training can often be one of the more difficult tasks sequenced into some of the days of your week, offers a “FREE” Trial PT session to build rapport and set you on a […]

Tone, Define and Improve Muscle Strength!

Functional moves that target specific points! can help you tone, define and improve muscle strength, achieve sports-specific adaptations or required functional lifestyle movements. provides a “FREE” Trial PT session for you to experience cutting-edge training techniques, tailored exercise programmes and motivational methods in an empowering environment void of pressure to book follow up sessions.

Should you have Personal Training or revert to Group Exercise?

Group Exercise vs Personal Training; here’s an opportunity to more fully understand what’s best for you during April have 3 x 45min personal training sessions with Shirin for just $99! Call Shirin to schedule a session as well as read more about Shirin here at

Methods To Improve Outright Strength

During Kettlebell instruction from Shaun Cairns one of Pavel Tsatsouline’s master instructors I learnt 3 methods to improve outright strength, once mastered they can be used during any lift! Let’s get together for a “FREE” Trial PT session to discuss this and other ways to progress your fitness regime!

Join A Group of Training Buddies to Propel Yourself Towards Your Fitness Goals!

Fitness training buddies turn up to group fitness training sessions because of each other and for each other! Turning up and training harder because of bonds developed during group fitness training is a sure fire way to reach your fitness goals faster! Join a group of training buddies to propel yourself towards your specific fitness […]

Avoid Hip and Lower Back Pain

Prepare your body for a happy healthy life with The prominence of hip and lower back pain is on the increase, learning a simple efficient method to get up from ground level from a mighty ancient culture will provide you with life long benefits!   Achieving your Fitness Goals is as Simple as Move* Eat* […]

Your Middle Quad Needs Stretching!

Stretch the front of your leg……. Especially if you’re a girl! Girls have an increased Q angle to assist child bearing which leads to quad dominance! Get a weekly check list you’re able to maintain during a “FREE” Trial PT session at