Glute Exercises

The Deadlift Weight Training Exercise is recommended by some of the positive attribute are that it: Raises your metabolic rate Creates higher energy pathways and Increases functional strength These qualities transform your body system to burn body fat for fuel, making you lean with a shapely physique. Weight-training exercises that put large muscle groups to […]

Mobilisation & Stretching

Tight muscles ruin the ideal muscle firing order constricting movement. Move without sticking points or joint pain during a “FREE” trial fitness training session with An adductor muscle stretch is best performed with your legs in an equilateral triangle before drawing your head forward with neutral spine to stretch the muscles in the back of […]

Happy Fit Efficient City Worker

“A Structured Fitness Regime Makes Life Vibrant”! More things will fall into place than you can imagine,A structured mindset generates efficient timely and smooth transitions from one agenda to the next! Yes the structure of your fitness regime actually folds over into the rest of your life. Like the cliché “ask a busy person to get something […]

Fitness Motivation

People have extreme feelings when it comes to their association with exercise!People want to avoid discomfort, they feel like any type of exercise is something to be avoided, they don’t want to sweat and they don’t want to strain!A “FREE” Trial Fitness Training Session with  will change those feelings completely!Most of the time a negative association with […]

Athletic Elderly Jumping

Once you reach your 50s and beyond, strength (or resistance) training is critical to preserving the ability to perform the most ordinary activities of daily living — and to maintaining an active and independent lifestyle. A “FREE” Trial Fitness Training Session with is the ideal way to fine tune the strength training exercises you need in your […]

Getting around the Extreme Feelings about Exercise Fitness Training!

Extreme feelings surface when fitness training is thought of. Feelings that prevent fitness training are really just vivid memories about the beginnings of getting fit! Once you’re actually fit, doing an exercise workout is something you look forward to! Get a fair dinkum fitness plan in a “FREE” Trial Fitness Training Session with When exercise discomfort becomes tolerable […]

Dynamic Mobilisation Pattern

We’ll take you through a  Dynamic Mobilisation Pattern to Prepare your Body for the Intensity Level Required to Achieve your Fitness Goals! Dynamic Mobilisation Allows you to Hold Good Exercise Form and Reach Full Ranges of Motion!It is Best to Prioritise Form and Range of Motion Over and Above Resistance Level! Dynamic Mobilisation Pattern: Emphasises […]

Prevent Burnout with a Fitness Workout!

Objectives: The global burden of burnout cost is in excess of $300 billion annually. Locally, just under half of working Australians experience high levels of occupational burnout. The current study aims to compare cardiovascular with resistance exercise to assess their effectiveness towards well-being, stress reduction and burnout. Design: 49 participants aged 19 to 68 placed in 3 […]

Motivate Your Fitness Regime

Motivate your fitness regime and have a  “FREE” Trial Fitness Training Session too! Strategy: Step 1. Allocate; calendarise specific fitness training times highlighted as “MUST DO”! Step 2. Perspective; mind set, do something differently, embrace change and smile “TRANSFORM”! Step 3. Set Goals; make them doable, regular achievements invigorate, get on a roll “TICK THE BOX”! Step 4. Enjoy Exercise; […]

DOUBLE Whammy doin TRX Back Foot Lunge

The DOUBLE benefits of a TRX hooped Back Foot Lunge taught by : Stretch and mobilise the muscles in your lunge rear leg! Strengthen the muscles in your lunge front leg! Walking, running and functional activities are all lunging movement patterns, they are conducted at different depths of the lunge pattern however they are all lunges! Learning […]