The TRX Suspension Trainer is a Fitness Centre in Your Pocket!

This exercise superset is a “Single Arm TRX Power Pull” with a “Single Arm TRX Row”. Both movements significantly improve back strength. Single arm activities eliminate strength imbalances on your right and left sides, this fixes weaknesses that can lead to injury over time. You also need to be equally strong in all directions for balanced strength during sports and […]

You CAN’T miss LEG day!

A recent study conducted by Frontiers established leg exercises as critical to the brain and wellbeing of your nervous system. The study concluded that neurological health depends upon signals sent to brain by the bodies large leg muscles. Do leg exercises that suit you in a FREE Trial Fitness Training Session with  During weight-bearing leg exercises signals […]

Regular Deadlifts With Good Form

Regular Deadlifts; Improve your ability to perform functional movements Strengthen your back muscles so you can hold better posture Raise your metabolic rate and energy levels Fast track shaping and toning of your body Reduce aches and pains Fine Tune Your Best Deadlift During a FREE Trial Fitness Training Session with  today! Grab Something Heavy […]

One Arm Dumbbell Row

Our available field of vision means the muscles in the front of our body work harder than those in the back! During a FREE Trial Fitness Training Session with you may perform a “One Arm Dumbbell Row (Single Arm Dumbbell Row)” which when performed correctly goes a long way towards balancing out the anomaly by; […]

Boxing Sparring Fitness Training

One of the motivational concepts chosen by  is preparing for boxing sparring every Saturday morning with Boxfit Woolloomooloo Establishing a regular event that requires being at the top of your game is a great psychological ploy in establishing fitness training frequency, especially when you may otherwise train without purpose or worst still, take a day […]

Strength, Vitality & Posture

 trainers excel at using the skills and tools available to rectify and resolve pains and difficulties developed living in our modern world, enjoy a FREE Trial Fitness Training Session with us via the contact form or call Matt; 0415 811 228 / Shirin; 0415 859 426 today! Proper posture: Organises the bones and joints of […]

Meal Balance

We offer a FREE Trial Fitness Training Session at  so your fitness plan includes the 3 main components of achieving a physical transformation or a specific result on the day you require. Those 3 components will be: Nutrition (EAT) Recovery (REST) and  Exercise (MOVE) To be your best, consume food with MEAL BALANCE, There are 3 […]

Special Fitness Training Opportunity Offer

Call Shirin on 0415 859 426 or contact her via today!“Health is wealth” here are 8 areas Shirin specialises in: Pilates infused core strengthening, Muscle building, HIIT fitness training, Stretching, mobility and breathing, Assessing posture, Eating guidance and weight loss support, Goal results and mindset, Injury rehab and prevention My nature motivates positive thought, I […]

Deadlift Resistance Weight Training

Perform Your Best Deadlift During a “FREE” Trial Fitness Training Session with  “Get ready to go!”  The Deadlift is a sensational exercise that increases lean muscle tissue, raises your metabolic rate and establishes higher energy pathways so you burn body fat for fuel, Deadlifts give men and women a lean, shapely physique.  Weight-training exercises that use large muscle […]

Mobility, Strength and Injury Prevention from a Neutral Spine

Perform your best plank during a “FREE” Trial Fitness Training Session via The alignment of your spine and how it influences your pelvis, shoulders and head position is crucial to providing quality of life  Mobility, strength and injury prevention are all derivatives of being able to hold a neutral spine. Improving your ability to reach a neutral spine will […]