Prevent Burnout with a Fitness Workout!

Objectives: The global burden of burnout cost is in excess of $300 billion annually. Locally, just under half of working Australians experience high levels of occupational burnout. The current study aims to compare cardiovascular with resistance exercise to assess their effectiveness towards well-being, stress reduction and burnout. Design: 49 participants aged 19 to 68 placed in 3 […]

Motivate Your Fitness Regime

Motivate your fitness regime and have a  “FREE” Trial Fitness Training Session too! Strategy: Step 1. Allocate; calendarise specific fitness training times highlighted as “MUST DO”! Step 2. Perspective; mind set, do something differently, embrace change and smile “TRANSFORM”! Step 3. Set Goals; make them doable, regular achievements invigorate, get on a roll “TICK THE BOX”! Step 4. Enjoy Exercise; […]

DOUBLE Whammy doin TRX Back Foot Lunge

The DOUBLE benefits of a TRX hooped Back Foot Lunge taught by : Stretch and mobilise the muscles in your lunge rear leg! Strengthen the muscles in your lunge front leg! Walking, running and functional activities are all lunging movement patterns, they are conducted at different depths of the lunge pattern however they are all lunges! Learning […]

Rock Hard Abs to Move Better and Avoid Injuries!

Place your thumb into the side of your stomach whilst you’re moving or even standing still, if the end of your thumb doesn’t feel like it’s against a rock you need to connect your mind and core more fully with a  “FREE” Trial Fitness Training session. Full activation of your core muscles enhances movements and prevents […]

Outdoor Fitness Training Covid-19 Restrictions Maintained!

provides outdoor fitness training with all the Covid-19 restrictions maintained, Reinvent your fitness training with a “FREE” Trial Fitness Training Session from or simply text; Matt; 0415 811 228 Shirin; 0415 859 426 today! We’re helping to prevent the spread of Covid-19 by following recommendations from the Australian Government Department of Health. We train outdoors or […]

Home Gym Exercise Training

Get fit and healthy during the restrictions imposed upon us all by Covid-19.Schedule a “FREE” Trial Fitness Training Session with to reboot your fitness regime!We’re helping to prevent the spread of Covid-19 by following recommendations from the Australian Government Department of Health.We’ve transformed our carport garage into a versatile indoor gym where we provide 1 on […]

Prevent Spreading Coronavirus Covid 19

At we a helping to prevent the spread of coronavirus by following the recommendations from the Australian Government Department of Health. We’ve transformed our underground carport into a gym to provide 1 on 1 personal fitness training and also conduct 1 on 1 personal fitness training at a near by park. Call Matt; 0415 811 […]

Greater Hip Mobility Restores Vitality

Follow the ideal hip flexor stretching sequence during a “FREE” Trial Fitness Training Session. Sufficient stretching of your hip flexor muscle usually reinvigorates an active lifestyle, Time spent seated typically: Shortens our hip flexor muscle,  Restricts activity, Reduces mobility and Leads to hip and lower back pain! To achieve the ideal hip flexor stretch length […]

Pull-up Climbing Exercise To Move Better!

We’re Born To Climb, Climb For Health and Climb To Move Better at We evolved climbing, even when we aren’t climbing our climbing muscles play an essential roles in all movements! The muscles of our bodies run at oblique angles, this means our bones and limbs slightly rotate during forward, backwards and sideways moves.Embrace, emphasise […]

The TRX Suspension Trainer is a Fitness Centre in Your Pocket!

This exercise superset is a “Single Arm TRX Power Pull” with a “Single Arm TRX Row”. Both movements significantly improve back strength. Single arm activities eliminate strength imbalances on your right and left sides, this fixes weaknesses that can lead to injury over time. You also need to be equally strong in all directions for balanced strength during sports and […]