Methods To Improve Outright Strength

During Kettlebell instruction from Shaun Cairns one of Pavel Tsatsouline’s master instructors I learnt 3 methods to improve outright strength, once mastered they can be used during any lift! Let’s get together for a “FREE” Trial PT session to discuss this and other ways to progress your fitness regime!

Join A Group of Training Buddies to Propel Yourself Towards Your Fitness Goals!

Fitness training buddies turn up to group fitness training sessions because of each other and for each other! Turning up and training harder because of bonds developed during group fitness training is a sure fire way to reach your fitness goals faster! Join a group of training buddies to propel yourself towards your specific fitness […]

Avoid Hip and Lower Back Pain

Prepare your body for a happy healthy life with The prominence of hip and lower back pain is on the increase, learning a simple efficient method to get up from ground level from a mighty ancient culture will provide you with life long benefits!   Achieving your Fitness Goals is as Simple as Move* Eat* […]

Your Middle Quad Needs Stretching!

Stretch the front of your leg……. Especially if you’re a girl! Girls have an increased Q angle to assist child bearing which leads to quad dominance! Get a weekly check list you’re able to maintain during a “FREE” Trial PT session at

Home Fitness Program

Achieve your Fitness Goals! Sort it out with so you Move, Eat and Rest at the right intensity and frequency no matter where you train or what equipment you use! To progress within your fitness regime you need a minimum amount of exercise training per week, the minimum amount of fitness training required to progress is […]

Motivational Fitness Training Psychology

Turn you personal health or fitness training fears into motivated exercise training sessions with   You’re far more powerful at running away from something you fear than you are at being drawn to something you want so simply bring your greatest fears into the forefront of your mind as a certain way of turning up […]

Special Personal Training Offer

Achieving your Fitness Goals is as Simple as Move > Eat > Rest > in the right order and frequency! Sort it all out with this SPECIAL PERSONAL TRAINING OFFER from

Kefir is incredibly beneficial for digestion and gut health!

The food we consume more and more of these days kills our stomachs good bacteria replacing it with bad bacteria, Poor stomach health affects your ability to perform fitness training at a high enough intensity, A solution to feeling out-of-sorts is to consume a couple of glasses of Kefir to get yourself back on track, […]

The Best Back Exercise

This back exercise counters the effects of spending time sitting down which is something we tend to do more and more of in the modern world! trainers are adept at stretching the tighter muscles of a persons body and strengthening the weaker ones so the individual can remain more upright and well postured for longer periods […]