Boxing Sparring Fitness Training

One of the motivational concepts chosen by guzzFit is preparing for boxing sparring every Saturday morning with Boxfit Woolloomooloo

Establishing a regular event that requires being at the top of your game is a great psychological ploy in establishing fitness training frequency, especially when you may otherwise train without purpose or worst still, take a day off!


  1. Which muscle groups to train at each fitness training session
  2. The rep range those muscles are worked for in each exercise effort
  3. The recovery time between exercise sets and each training day

All contribute greatly to the results achieved!

If you’re unsure about fitness training;

  1. Frequency
  2. Intensity or
  3. Strength qualities

To achieve specific fitness goals it’s best to talk to either Matt; 0415 811 228 or Shirin; 0415 859 426 to schedule a FREE Trial Fitness Training Session so you can create a motivating fitness plan!

It’s incredible how disciplined, focussed and driven your fitness regime becomes and how quickly you’ll achieve amazing results!