Fit Threw Winter

1. Exercising is a phenomenal way to change your mood!

There’s a form of seasonal depression linked to winter that can have an expanding negative impact upon your wellbeing. 

Fitness training workouts release feel-good brain chemicals that lead to invigorating achievements, turning up is the only difficult bit, everything gets better after that, you’ll feel your best, exercise is the best natural mood changer available! 

2. Avoid weight gain during the winter months!

Wearing more clothes and becoming interested in comfort foods are the dangerous duo that become a nightmare in spring.

Most people stack on a few kilograms in the winter months however being more active with a fitness regime increases your blood volume and muscle capillaries that actually create more warmth from less activity.

3. Strengthen your immune system! 

Having a running nose and a stuffy head leading on to a sore throat is the last thing you need on a cold gloomy winter day. 

Well you’ll be glad to know that research proves regular exercise strengthens your immune system to fight off those colds and flues!

Just getting out more, making your way to scheduled fitness-training sessions indoors or outdoors provides some important absorption of Vitamin D, which is considered deficient in our lives these days!

4. A raised BMR provides more available NRG day to day

A well-structured fitness regime will raise your basil metabolic rate (BMR) which inturn provides you with more energy (NRG) to burn on a daily basis no matter what you chose to use it on!

Strength training improves your ability to move and lift heavier loads, which also means you, have more energy to give to life!
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