Getting around the Extreme Feelings about Exercise Fitness Training!

Extreme feelings surface when fitness training is thought of.

Feelings that prevent fitness training are really just vivid memories about the beginnings of getting fit! 
Once you’re actually fit, doing an exercise workout is something you look forward to! Get a fair dinkum fitness plan in a “FREE” Trial Fitness Training Session with guzzFit

When exercise discomfort becomes tolerable you’ll own a foundation of greatness! 
All achievements and every goal you’ve ever reached was by tolerating discomfort,

3-4 week into a guzzFIT Training regime you’ll crave exercise sessions! Your cup will be full and success will follow!

Disappointment is a massive motivator of change! 

How bizarre is it that our instincts send us to sit on a couch to watch reality shows about other peoples turmoils when we should just use the angst to mend our own!

Fitness propels you to greater fitness. Fitness momentum generated by being fitter makes your next training session a highlight! guzzFit