One Arm Dumbbell Row

Our available field of vision means the muscles in the front of our body work harder than those in the back!

During a FREE Trial Fitness Training Session with guzzFit you may perform a “One Arm Dumbbell Row (Single Arm Dumbbell Row)” which when performed correctly goes a long way towards balancing out the anomaly by;

  1. Centralising the shoulder joint in it’s socket
  2. Improving upper body posture and mobility
  3. Preventing and rehabilitating shoulder tendon impingement
  4. Decreasing neck, upper back and shoulder pains
  5. Facilitating greater available strength gains in chest and shoulder muscles
  6. Fast tracking goals and objectives

We’re always amazed at how quickly perspiration drips with far less effort than with other exercises whilst someone performs a One Arm Dumbbell Row,

It’s just evidence however of how capable and large the muscles in our backs are yet unfortunately are so under recruited. guzzFit FREE Trial Fitness Training Sessions cover everything!