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Age In Reverse:

Exercise can improve your health to the point you look and feel younger than you are, says Frank Frisch, PhD, director of kinesiology, Chapman University Orange, Calif.

Exercise Gives You More Vim and Vigour:

A workout is like nature’s energy drink, firing up your brain and body so you feel more alert and alive.

“Exercise puts your body in a state of arousal, which translates into more vitality and a greater sense of well being,” says Frisch. “Daily tasks become less strenuous and require less exertion.”
It’s the kind of pep in your step that makes you feel like you’ve peeled off a decade or two.

Exercise Keeps Your Metabolism High:

Metabolism naturally slows as you age, so it’s harder to avoid kilo creep as the years pass.

Luckily scheduling regular workout sessions helps you increase the total number of calories you burn, helping you maintain a steady, healthy weight.

You’ll torch more calories if you add in resistance training to your routine at least a few times a week, since working out with free weights or doing bodyweight exercises helps build muscle mass.
“The more muscle you have, the higher your calorie burn is,” says Eric Sternlicht, PhD, associate professor of kinesiology at Chapman University.

“And it stays higher all day long, even after you’ve stopped exercising.”

Exercise Slows Cell Ageing:

Exercise doesn’t just make you feel younger—it may actually turn off the ageing process in your chromosomes.
It has to do with telomeres, the caps at the end of chromosomes that control ageing.

Telomeres become shorter as you get older, and longer telomeres are associated with longevity.
Recent studies have found a link between regular exercise and the lengthening of the telomeres, suggesting that exercise can slow the clock so you live longer. 
“Though exercise won’t guarantee you a long life, it can greatly improve your odds,” says Frisch.

This is a critique of an article by Esther Crain

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