Kefir is incredibly beneficial for digestion and gut health!

The food we consume more and more of these days kills our stomachs good bacteria replacing it with bad bacteria,

Poor stomach health affects your ability to perform fitness training at a high enough intensity,

A solution to feeling out-of-sorts is to consume a couple of glasses of Kefir to get yourself back on track,

Kefir is high in nutrients and probiotics, it’s incredibly beneficial for digestion and gut health,

Shaping and sculpting your body isn’t about reducing the amount that you “EAT” It’s about consuming better foods that contain higher quality ingredients to fire up your metabolism and allow you to complete your fitness regime with more ease!

You can learn the way we recommend you “EAT” “REST” and “MOVE” during a guzzFit “FREE” Trial PT session via the contact page of this site.

Kefir is a very potent probiotic when seeking to regain gut flora!