Motivate Your Fitness Regime

Motivate your fitness regime and have a guzzFit “FREE” Trial Fitness Training Session too!


  • Step 1. Allocate; calendarise specific fitness training times highlighted as “MUST DO”!
  • Step 2. Perspective; mind set, do something differently, embrace change and smile “TRANSFORM”!
  • Step 3. Set Goals; make them doable, regular achievements invigorate, get on a roll “TICK THE BOX”!
  • Step 4. Enjoy Exercise; spice it up, incorporate movements you like, get into games or sports to demonstrate your progress “ATHLETE”!
  • Step 5. Invite Your Peers; train with your friends, the bonds will improve output and build community spirit “ROCK STAR”!

Text Matt; 0415 811 228 or Shirin; 0415 859 426 to motivate your fitness regime and receive a guzzFit “FREE” Trial Fitness Training Session!