Tone, Define, Sculpt and Transform the Muscles of your Body to Achieve the Result You Require On the day you want it.

  • Moving forwards, backwards, side to side or in a combination of those moves requires core activation, balance and posture.
  • Dynamic actions that have functional purposes should be performed with stability and control before speeding them up to achieve remarkable transformations!
  • Movement patterns put certain sections of your body into action at different increments of time, if you combine this with a direction and a rotating force you’ll generate fast, powerful movements.
  • Core activation and the way you generate friction, impact and thrusts off the surface of the ground will improve your balance and stability.

Rejigging Movement Patterns and Sequences Provides Technical Progressions for Amazing Achievements; ​​

  • Sports specific adaptions, progressions and improvements,
  • Ease of functional movement at home and in your workplace,
  • Increased enjoyment and efficiency at recreational pursuits.

Fitness Motivation

Be Your Best At The Sharp End Of Each Week! Train on the days you’re likely to find an excuse not to;

Motivation is key! Finding a reason to be at your best for a sport or activity once a week is a fantastic way to motivate frequency and regularity into your training regime! 

How do you motivate yourself into the next fitness training session in your week?

During a guzzFit “FREE” Trial PT session you can discover underlying motives and methods to be at your best when you need to be!

Functional Movement

This Super Functional Exercise Movement Pattern puts phenomenal muscle groups to work to progress your body with both function and efficiency!

What most people get wrong in this particular exercise is the direction required to make it both functional and sports specific!

  • Relating to the image; step backwards with your right foot to begin each repetition from the lowest point of a back lunge
  • With your core fully active drive your right leg up and forward whilst elevating a weight up a high as you can

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