Personal Trainers Randwick

A good Randwick personal trainer will be able to create an efficient and beneficial fitness strategy based on your weight, age, fitness level, goals and several other factors. A great personal trainer, though, will also be able to understand how monotony and boredom can set in with even the most perfectly tailored fitness routines. One of the most valuable skills in a personal trainer, then, is knowing how to break up that monotony so that you continue to progress in your personal fitness.

How guzzFit Keeps Things Interesting

At guzzFit, our personal trainers try to vary fitness routines in a variety of different ways to keep them fresh and effective. Our first method is to introduce cross training into the mix. Most people tend to hit plateaus if they are only doing strength training or only doing cardio work, so we try to mix things up to maximise momentum and minimise monotony.

Cross training strategies like this are common techniques used by personal trainers. More unique is how guzzFit can change the setting for your exercise programme. Most personal trainers in the area have one main gym where they do all or most of their work. We have four different venues spread across the eastern beaches—each of which offers a unique training experience and a different kind of outcome.

Our four venues are split evenly between indoor and outdoor settings. One day, you might work with a personal trainer, enjoying the infrastructure and sand qualities of the beautiful outdoor area. The next day, you might be training at the Work Shed Fitness Centre, with its power lifting platforms and CrossFit style rings. Alternatively, your trainer might schedule some time at Lifecycle Fitness, which has the very best in modern gym equipment.

Between these four training venues, you will not only avoid the monotony that can sometimes set in with day after day of demanding physical activity, but you will also get a well-rounded fitness experience. Each of the four venues we use at guzzFit allows us to employ different training techniques and different types of exercises. With all of this equipment and these various environments at our disposal, we can gear each day towards a different training approach. For many of our clients, the result is greater enthusiasm and quicker progress towards fitness goals.

Hire a Versatile Personal Trainer in Randwick

If you are looking for a versatile personal trainer, look no further than guzzFit. We understand that changing things up is an essential part of fitness, both to break up the monotony and to promote strong foundations across multiple disciplines. We want to build you into a well-rounded athlete, and our four incredible fitness venues will allow us to accomplish that goal. Contact us today to get started.