Shoulder Health Training Back Muscles

Amazing Results Training these Back Muscles for Shoulder Health and Wellbeing!
The Active Muscles are the Rhomboids, Rear Delts, Middle and Lower Traps!

Shoulder, Neck and Upper Spine Wellbeing is largely dependent on how well each shoulder blade sits against the ribcage!
Making the Rhomboids together with the Middle and Lower Trap Muscles Active after Stretching your Front Delts, Pec Major and Minor Muscles gets it done!

A TRX Suspension Trainer Activates a Higher percentage of both Postural (slow twitch) and Strength (fast twitch) Muscle Fibres so that many critical aspects of obtaining stable shoulders is achieved!
Obtain Shoulder, Neck and Upper Back Health and Wellbeing during a “FREE” Trial Fitness Training session with guzzFit
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