Simplify Beach Fitness Training Sessions

At guzzFit we encourage sand free, quick dry, Rockycay towels, they simplify beach fitness training sessions typified by the pouch they slide into!

What an amazing piece of tech science, lovely to look at, easy to carry, rock your world with a Rockycay towel!
Our towels still feel as soft today as the first day we used them, absorbent as ever yet repel sand and dirt like no other towel!

Rockycay towels are made from a superior synthetic material. 
The microfiber’s are very thin and lightweight, easy to pack in the convenient pouch, 

The Rockycay towels have an incredible surface area and they’re more absorbent than regular towels.
Moisture is what causes sand granules to stick to a towel however microfibres don’t hold moisture!

Shirin at guzzFIT recently stumbled across these versatile Rockycay towels. She was blown away by the soft fabric and that sand and dirt just falls away from them.Drying your body without abrasive sand in less time and effort makes for a better beach day!

Purchase a Rockycay beach towel at to use at your “FREE” Trial Fitness Training Session with guzzFit today!