Super Functional Exercise Movement Pattern

This Super Functional Exercise Movement Pattern; uses every muscle group in your body and relates directly to everything we need to do well!
What most people get wrong is the direction required to make this exercise both functional and sports specific!

Relating to the image;

  • Step backwards with your right foot to begin each repetition from the lowest point of a lunge,
  • With your core fully activated drive your right leg up and forward whilst elevating a weight up into the air

Girls should be able to handle 8-12kgs and boys 12-20kg using the strength quality; 3 sets of 10-12reps with 50seconds of core before performing the 1st set on your other leg then a further 50seconds of core before beginning set 2.

In life we need to move forward and up with quickness and control therefore stepping backwards into a lunge position then thrusting up and forward makes the movement functional and sports specific as well.

This movement is progressed by increasing the weight driven up into the air during the forward thrusting lunge!

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