AARON 35 yrs (Coogee)

*Before I started working with Matt I didn’t think I really needed a pt. lm a chef and photographer who works long hours, I think I eat quite well. That combined with being on my feet all day I didn’t imagine training with a PT could be important for me. The one thing that bugged me however was my bad posture caused by my job.


After meeting Matt at Coogee beach one day I did a FREE Trial PT session with him so I could give one of his sessions a go. During that session Matt explained how he’d like to work on some of my postural issues.

He put together a sequence of exercises designed to strengthen my core and lower back so I could obtain better posture.

After some outdoor sessions I started attending the gym Matt also works out of, he designed a program that l was comfortable with, he is always happy to share information with me to help with my training.

A year down the track I feel a lot better with much more energetic, my posture has improved a great deal. From someone that didn’t want to train or wasn’t aware of the benefits that it would provide. I can still be pretty lazy at times, but Matt is always giving positive energy and tips to keep me on track.

- AARON 35 yrs (Coogee)