Why Shirin decided to become a personal trainer

Before I became a personal trainer I went to the gym consistently yet didn’t achieve the results I expected! 
It wasn’t until I enlisted the help of a personal trainer that I finally got the physically, mentally and emotional results I required to feel content! 

I was so blow away by what could be achieved with the help of a personal trainer that I decided to become one myself!
I love passing on the knowledge and experiences I’ve gained in the career I thoroughly enjoy.
My sessions convey my passion to; 

  • Help achieve goals
  • Make you feel better mentally and emotionally
  • Strengthen your bodies to handle everyday tasks
  • Combat daily stress through exercise. 

My name is Shirin, I offer a “FREE” Trial Fitness Training session to set you on a path to achieving your fitness goals, please contact me here at guzzFit on 0415 859 426 or Shirin@guzzFIT.com