You don’t need to stretch your Adductor muscles this far yet you do need to stretch them!

Tight muscles mess up the bodies ideal muscle firing order.

The Adductor stretch demonstrated in the video is performed with legs placed in an equilateral triangle before bringing your forehead towards each ankle. In doing this you’ll gauge similar muscle lengths of all the muscles in the back of your body down the left side versus the right side. Achieving muscle symmetry reduces injuries and pain.

You might not need to stretch your Adductor Muscles as much as is demonstrated in the video above however you do need to stretch them!

In the modern world our hip flexors (Psoas muscles) often become shorter. This is mostly caused by extended time spent seated. When the hip flexors are tight they take the Glute muscles out of their optimal range of motion.
When the Glutes are out of their optimal range of motion they lack strength which leads to the body recruiting the Adductor Magnus muscles to assist with hip extension, unfortunately when a muscle becomes stronger it also becomes shorter!

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